Chapin Heavy Duty Sprayer


High quality concrete sprayer for the professional.  Solid brass nozzle and wand.  Can be used with SuperSeal25 sealer and all stains and cleaners. It will not work with SuperSeal30 sealer.

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What spray nozzle would you recommend for applying a water based concrete stain. I've been told a #4 fan nozzle, but I don't know the GPM to correlate to the proper Chapin nozzle.
Thank you
Hal Shucard , April 23, 2014
Hal, there are two nozzles with this sprayer. best to use the .5 GPM one.
ConcreteSealerStore , April 23, 2014
I recently resealed my exposed aggregate driveway with SuperSeal 25 and after 2 coats, I still found small holes and pockets from "popped" pieces of gravel. Last fall, I stripped my driveway, but was unable to seal the concrete before the freezing weather started. So, now it has 2 coats of "great sealer" on it... Do you have any suggestions so that I can avoid another winter that virtually destroys my 4 year old driveway?
ram1222 , September 03, 2014
ram1222, not sure what you mean. You should be good this Winter.
ConcreteSealerStore , September 04, 2014
Sprayer Cleaners
What do you use to clean the Chapin sprayer after using Super Seal 25.
Gerry Gettinger , September 16, 2015
re: Sprayer Cleaners
Xylene solvent or lacquer thinner
ConcreteSealerStore , September 17, 2015
SuperSeal VOC Sprayer
Can the Chapin Heavy Duty Sprayer be used to apply SuperSeal VOC? It seems like it would go on more evenly than a roller.
Jim Estep , September 21, 2015
You can roll or spray the SS VOC with the Chapin 1949. Either will work.
ConcreteSealerStore , September 21, 2015

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