Masonry Saver (Defy) Heavy Duty Water Repellent 1 Gallon

Masonry Saver (Defy) Heavy Duty Water Repellent 1 Gallon


Masonry Saver (Defy) All Purpose Heavy Duty Water Repellent is the “Work-Horse” product of the Defy line. This proprietary blend of silanes and siloxanes creates a “SaltShield” barrier on concrete surfaces, for greater resistances to the deteriorating effects of road salts and de-icing chemicals. This superior concrete waterproofing product is a great choice for both horizontal and vertical above grade surfaces including driveways, sidewalks, adobe, architectural concrete, clay brick, mortars, natural stone, limestone, sandstone, granite, terra cotta, exposed aggregate products, Portland cement stuccos, and concrete masonry units.

  • Repels Water, Stains, Oils, etc
  • Breathable, non-film forming and will not alter the surface color or appearance.
  • Freeze/thaw protection
  • Non-Glossy
  • Long Term Protection - 6 year Warranty
  • Stain Protection

Coverage Rate: Apply with pump or airless sprayer.
Sq. Ft. per Gallon:
Brick: 90-150
Block: 50-75
Concrete: 75-150
Stucco: 75-150
Adobe: 75-150
Limestone: 75-150

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can it be applied with a brush?
can it be applied with a brush on window moldings?
nai , November 14, 2012
re: can it be applied with a brush?
I do not see why not. It is very thin. Looks like "milk" in consistency.
ConcreteSealerStore , November 15, 2012
Decorative concrete yellowing after 2.5 years
Applied this product about 2.5 years ago on vertical decorative concrete on the exterior walls of my home. This year there is a consistent deterioration of the stone with both yellowing and dark patches emerging. Is this a non-yellowing product? How can I clean this and should I inform the manufacturer?
Wil , July 29, 2014
re: Decorative concrete yellowing after 2.5 years
It is not possible for this product to yellow as it is a 100% penetrating non filming sealer. It is probably something else.
ConcreteSealerStore , July 30, 2014
I have a two year old concrete driveway in Colorado, with southern exposure. I've seen lots of driveways deteriorate over time with the extreme freeze thaw cycles. (Lots of sun between freezing spells). Which is the best product to use for protecting against this? Defy, SuperSeal, other...?
Scott , May 13, 2015
Water-based or solvent-based?
Is this product water-based or solvent-based? Also, I read somewhere that you should wait at least 28 days after putting up new brick before applying this. Is that true? Thanks!
Dee , August 09, 2015
Prop. Mgr.
We live in Las Vegas. I see thaw/freeze protection listed.
How does it work with extreme heat(115-120 degrees in summer).
Donna , June 21, 2016
re: How does it work with extreme heat
No issues with heat and this product.
ConcreteSealerStore , June 21, 2016

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