Masonry Saver (Defy) Heavy Duty Water Repellent 5 Gallon

Masonry Saver (Defy) Heavy Duty Water Repellent 5 Gallon

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Masonry Saver (Defy) All Purpose Heavy Duty Water Repellent is the “Work-Horse” product of the Defy line. This proprietary blend of silanes and siloxanes creates a “SaltShield” barrier on concrete surfaces, for greater resistances to the deteriorating effects of road salts and de-icing chemicals. This superior concrete waterproofing product is a great choice for both horizontal and vertical above grade surfaces including driveways, sidewalks, adobe, architectural concrete, clay brick, mortars, natural stone, limestone, sandstone, granite, terra cotta, exposed aggregate products, Portland cement stuccos, and concrete masonry units.

  • Repels Water, Stains, Oils, etc
  • Breathable, non-film forming and will not alter the surface color or appearance.
  • Freeze/thaw protection
  • Non-Glossy
  • Long Term Protection - 6 year Warranty
  • Stain Protection

Coverage Rate: Apply with pump or airless sprayer.
Sq. Ft. per Gallon:
Brick: 90-150
Block: 50-75
Concrete: 75-150
Stucco: 75-150
Adobe: 75-150
Limestone: 75-150

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what is the percentage of silanes and siloxanes in this product? Is it made in the US? Thanks.
judy cur , June 26, 2012
I have a three-year old brick and morter patio. It is in a shady area and collects a lot dirt and some mold requiring that we power wash it frequently in order to keep it decent looking. I don't believe the frequent powerwashing ia good for the brick and would like to seal with something that doesn't change the look or textureof the brick. What do you recommend?
judy cur , June 26, 2012
This product will work to seal the surface without changing the appearance. It is mad in Indiana and has a solid content of about 8%
ConcreteSealerStore , June 27, 2012
I have a 440sq ft driveway. Can this product be applied with a paint roller?
Tony Todaro , September 11, 2012
re: Can this product be applied with a paint roller?
Best applied with a pump sprayer but it can be applied with a roller.
ConcreteSealerStore , September 11, 2012
concrete sealer
I put 2 coats of this sealer down we had rain about 1-1/2 hour after I was done will it be ok or should I have to reapply

Dave T , October 19, 2014
Dave T, if is looks goof when dry then there is not issues.
ConcreteSealerStore , October 20, 2014
What is the shelf life of the produce after the contained is open?
Al Price , October 13, 2015
re: What is the shelf life of the produce after the contained is open?
6-12 months but really depends on how it is stored and how well it is closed. Could be longer.
ConcreteSealerStore , October 14, 2015
New Garage!
Is this the best recommendation for a newly poured floor? I has been 30 days since poured and I want to seal it... I've also read about Super Seal M.... Is that better sealer for my needs? I live in Pa and road salt will be a winter problem for a few months but I do have access to water to rinse off the concrete if it gets really dirt...
Dave19 , August 03, 2016
Both this and the Super Seal -M would work very well for this.
ConcreteSealerStore , August 04, 2016

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