Masonry Saver (Defy) Paver Sealer 1 Gallon

Masonry Saver (Defy) Paver Sealer 1 Gallon


Masonry Saver (Defy) Epoxy Fortified Paver Sealer is formulated with special, heavy duty resins and mildewcides, that help to reduce the occurrence of fungus while also encapsulating the joint sand to retard the infiltration of ant colonies. It is also a paver sand sealer which helps keep patios cleaner by stabilizing the joint sand, bonding it firmly in place, and helping to keep the sand from washing out during periods of heavy rain as well as helping to reduce weeds from growing up through the joint sand. When properly applied, Defy Epoxy Fortified Paver Sealer enhances the beauty of any paver with a rich “wet” look without causing the surface to become slippery.

  • Protection From Water & Ultra-Violet Light Damage
  • Protection From De-Icing Salts & Chemicals
  • Freeze/Thaw Protection
  • Stabilizes Joint Sand to Reduce Rain Wash-Out
  • Minimizes Weed Growth and Ant Colonization
  • Mildew/Fungus Protection
  • Provides a Rich “Wet Look” to Stone & Concrete 

Coverage Rate:(2 Coats) 
Cement Pavers: 75-150 sq. feet per gallon
Clay Pavers: 150-200 feet per gallon. Actual rates will vary widely due to substrate porosity.
Do not use Defy Paver Sealer on Hot Tire areas / Driveways.

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Difference between Defy Paver Sealer and SuperSeal Matte
Ive got "Pavestone" 16" square brick faced, terra cotta colored pave stones...the joints are filled with sand.

They are about 10yrs on and in great shape
They are near my swimming pool

I intend to use a concrete stain before sealing;
of course I plan to thoroughly wash/clean/etch the surface beforehand

What is the difference between Defy Paver Sealer and SuperSeal Matte?

- will they both be non slip ?
- do I have to pretreat using a bonder ?
- how long will the seal last ?
- is there anything that can be added to protect against UV ?

nn55nn , April 10, 2012
re: Difference between Defy Paver Sealer and SuperSeal Matte
Defy Paver Sealer is water based while Super Seal Matte is solvent based. Both are not prone to being slippery once fully cured. No pre-treat is needed. Typically they last about two years and both have non-yellowing UV inhibitors.

I would not use these products on top of a concrete stain.
ConcreteSealerStore , April 11, 2012

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