failed concrete sealerConcrete Sealer Remover Tips

How to tips for removing a failed Concrete Sealer that has discolored or turned white.

Sealing concrete is a great way to increase appearance and longevity. Driveways, sidewalks, patios, porches, brick pavers, and stonewalls can be sealed to enhance their look and block out moisture.

There are several types of concrete sealers that have different finishes. From matte finishes to the high gloss “wet look” type sealers. In the case where a concrete sealer fails it may be necessary to remove it before resealing with a new concrete sealer.

There are several reasons a concrete sealer can fail. Over application can cause the sealer to fail prematurely. Cheap or inferior sealers just do not last or hold up well. Moisture can also penetrate a sealer and cause it to fail. Some sealers will turn yellow or white when they fail and can be very unsightly.


To remove an old failing concrete sealer you have to use a concrete sealer stripper that is tough enough for the job. SuperSeal Concrete and Paver Sealer Stripper is a powerful stripping chemical that will remove most acrylic concrete and paver sealers.

SuperSeal Concrete Sealer Remover is easy to use yet extremely effective. Application of the product is as follows:

1. Roll the SuperSeal Concrete Sealer Remover on the failed sealer in sections of 10x10.

2. Allow SuperSeal Stripper to sit on failed sealer for 10-20 minutes.

3. Power wash the surface and reapply if needed.

4. Apply to next section and repeat until completed. For stubborn areas, reapply and let dwell longer.

SuperSeal Concrete Sealer Remover covers approximately 75-150 square feet per gallon depending on existing sealer. Always follow the application instructions on the label and wear personal protection equipment like safety glasses and chemical resistant gloves.

Once you are sure that you have removed all the old failing concrete sealer, rinse the surface well and allow it to dry for several days before applying a new sealer.

Protecting your concrete surfaces is a good investment. It improves the appearance and longevity of the concrete. Removing all the old sealer prior to applying new can make a huge difference in the performance of the new concrete sealer.


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