SuperPoly 1 Gallon

Super Poly is a tough, 85% solids aliphatic poly-urea system that protects and beautifies concrete surfaces. The application of Super Poly to concrete results in a high-gloss, abrasion-resistant surface that is resistant to temperatures up to 350° F. This two-component system has excellent adhesion to concrete and quick return-to-service time. Super Poly can be applied with a roller, brush, airless sprayer, or notched squeegee. Super Poly is water-proof if film integrity is not broken.

  • Excellent adhesion to concrete
  • High Gloss Shine
  • Flexible - 300% Elongation
  • High Chemical and stain resistance
  • Applied with roller


Concrete should be cured for 28 days before applied. Acid Etch or score surface for maximum adhesion. All surfaces should be clean and free of previous coatings prior to application. If surface has been acid etched, make sure to neutralize thoroughly.


Pour Part B into Part A and mix until streak-free. Scrape the sides of the container during the mixing process to ensure a complete blend. Avoid drawing air into the mixture during agitation. The system is ready to use after thorough mixing.


Super Poly should be applied to concrete surfaces with an airless sprayer, brush, roller, or notched squeegee to a wet film thickness of 4-150 mils (400-160 ft2/gal). Additional coats may be added after 2 hours and before 16 hours without sanding. A single application should not exceed 20 mils when relative humidity is greater than 90% or 150 mils when the relative humidity is greater than 40%. Two coats are recommended for best results. In cooler temperatures, the product may need to be thinned up to 10% by volume to reduce viscosity (adjust coverage for desired DFT). Best results for a clear film are obtained by applying multiple coats. Super Wax is recommended as a maintenance coating for interior applications.

400 feet per gallon


This Product is not VOC Compliant in California

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    ConcreteSealerStore · 07/30/2013
    No you cannot apply an epoxy on this.
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    Eich · 07/29/2013
    Can epoxy be applied over this product?