SB-442 General Stain Remover

SUREBOND-442 General Stain Remover is a concentrated, non-acid degreaser and general purpose cleaner for use on pavers, concrete and retaining walls. This technologically advanced cleaner removes motor oil, food and beverage stains. It is environmentally friendly and replaces several types of harsh acid cleaners. SB-442 General Stain Remover’s unique Clean Rinse Technology lifting power allows residue to be quickly and easily rinsed away with a high or low pressure water sprayer. SB-442 General Stain Remover’s chemical blend draws out stains from within the surface but does not etch or damage concrete, anodized aluminum or painted surfaces. The product can be used to clean and maintain Surebond sealed pavements as it is compatible with all other Surebond products. It is suitable for both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Phosphate free.