Super Grip


Add Traction for Your Gloss Sealers - Reduces Slipperiness!

Super Grip is an additive the will help with taction for "Wet" look concrete sealers. The additive mixes in with one 5 gallon pail.

Important Info:

  • This product can not be used when only one coat of sealer is applied to a substrate that has not previuosly been sealed. It will work when added to a second coat or a substrate that has been sealed previously.
  • This product only works with sealers that leave a film on the concrete to enhance or leave a shine. It will not work with sealers that penetrate into the concrete 100% and do not change the appearance.

Works with:

  • SuperSeal25
  • SuperSeal30
  • SuperSeal Matte
  • SuperSeal VOC
  • Super Poly

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Does the SuperGrip reduce gloss in Superseal 30? I could not locate/find a data sheet on the SuperGrip. The data sheet for a similar product: HC Sharkgrip sold by Sherwin Williams indicates it's use reduces gloss.
John King , July 27, 2013
John, it may dull it a little but not that much.
ConcreteSealerStore , July 28, 2013
Above it says " The additive mixes in with one 5 gallon pail". I just received a bottle of the super grip and on the bottle it says to mix one bottle with 1 gal. So wich is it? 1 bottle to 5 gal or 1 bottle to 1 gallon?

dlitz2 , April 05, 2014
Have an area of driveway that is steep, is there any product that could help prevent slipping during winter time with ice issues, thank you
rachel , February 07, 2015

Sorry but no.
ConcreteSealerStore , February 07, 2015
Is one per 5 gallon the right mixture?
Jerry Sr , August 18, 2017
re: Is one per 5 gallon the right mixture?
Yes, that is correct.
ConcreteSealerStore , August 19, 2017

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