How to Maintain Stamped Concrete

by ConcreteSealerStore

Maintaining Stamped Concrete 2023

Stamped Concrete Patios and Walkways have become increasingly popular over the last decade. These are decorative concrete surfaces that have endless possibilities when it comes to improving and enhancing your landscaping. Like any concrete surface, stamped patios should be sealed and maintained every 1-3 years.

Benefits of Sealing Stamped Concrete:

  • Reduces UV Fading Damage
  • Enhances Overall Appearance
  • Different Shine Levels
  • Seals from Spills and Staining
  • Protects from Deicing Salts

How To Seal Stamped Concrete

  1. Clean the surface with a pressure washer. If needed, use a Concrete Cleaner to remove stains and spills.
  2. Let dry for a day or two.
  3. Sweep or blow off any dirt.
  4. Apply the sealer following the manufacturer’s directions and spread rate. This can be accomplished with a high-quality pump sprayer or with a roller.

How To Maintain Shine and Look

Stamped Concrete Sealers may dull or lose they shine after a year or so. Using these tips below you can extend the life and look of your sealer.

  1. Apply a solvent such as Lacquer Thinner or Xylene to restore the look of the sealer every 12-18 months. This solvent will reset the current sealer, making it look like it is brand new. The sealer will still be intact but it can dull from dirt and Ultra Violet radiation. You can do this process 1-2 times before the need of reapplying the sealer.
  2. Reapply a Stamped Concrete Sealer every 2-3 years or as needed.

These simple steps will save you the money of sealing too often and the potential issues of over application.

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Avatar photo
1 year ago

Shark grip

Tom Prentice
Tom Prentice
1 year ago

I have a stamped concrete patio and the past 2 years have used SuperSeal 25. Looks great when I first but it on but after about a month the SS25 seems to be wearing off and by the end of the summer it seems to be completely gone. Any suggestions? 

2 years ago

A few years back I applied Super Seal-25 to a stamped concrete walk way.  Great product but, was originally too slippery.  What product should I use to reseal without being too slippery?

3 years ago

From what I understand the sealer will not be slippery after a couple of weeks?  So it may not be necessary to use the super grip?

5 years ago

Do SuperSeal 30 Gloss, Semi-gloss (25) and Matt version enhance the color of stamped concrete and pavers equally (roughly) or is the color enhancement effect reduced with Semi-gloss and Matt?

8 years ago

We recently purchased a home with a beautiful stamped concrete patio, the previous owners installed it. Most of the patio looks fine, there are just a couple of sections where I’m seeing some lightening of the color and a couple of chips. How would you suggest I correct this issue? Kat

Tom Beasley
Tom Beasley
9 years ago

I do residential concrete and decorative work, I have 2 stamped driveways in Michigan that have lifted the sealer and color where the cars tires were driven on. I used a 30% acrylic sealer on them last year 2 coats with a roller. What do you suggest to use so this doesn’t happen again and how to fix the bad spots. thank you Tom

Diane Wolfe
Diane Wolfe
11 years ago

We have a 2200 square foot stamped concrete driveway that was installed two years ago. While the surface still looks like it is in excellent condition, we were told to reseal it approximately every two years to maintain it. It has a semi -gloss surface. What product do you recommend and does the surface require any further preparation other than power washing. Do we need one or two coats? Any info you can provide will be helpful.

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