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    ConcreteSealerStore · 05/12/2016
    We do not carry the SuperSeal 19VT. That is a pure acrylic 19% solid. The SuperSeal 25 is a 25% styrene acrylic
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    Jim Hunko · 05/12/2016
    What is the difference between Super Seal 19VT, and Super Seal 25?
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    ConcreteSealerStore · 05/03/2016
    You have to remove the old sealer if it has turned white before resealing:

    Either sealer would work well as long as your strip first.
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    RUNDQUIST · 05/02/2016
    I have a stamped patio in FULL sun here in Minnesota (humid in summer & freezing in winter )do you recommend super seal or the masonry saver? This patio was sealed twice before first time it turned out perfect the second time was horrible( blushing)I was told the E.P.A. got involved and the sealer that was used could no longer hold up to the constant uv's!! Thanks for any advice you can give.

    0 I was told e.p.a. got involved and sealer cant take the constant uv's!! Thanks for any help in this
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    ed brack · 06/01/2014
    i have used this product three times on my stamped concrete patio,this product never fails its very easy to apply and its dries within a few hours the gloss shine lasts and lasts wonderful product wonderful company never a problem .try some you will be amazed with the results.
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    Lois Braun · 08/03/2013
    SuperSeal 30 Gloss is an amazing product. My contractor initially used it on my stamped concrete sidewalk. Two to three years later, I decided to try a different product, available locally. It was a disaster! The other product left my sidewalk slick as glass. I live in a cold climate, and could literally just sweep off the ice after cracking it! I was unable to walk on it, and had to put up a sign warning visitors not to walk on it! After THAT product wore off, I went back to SuperSeal 30 and will never use anything else. I looks fantastic, but is NOT slick - dry or wet! This product is worth every penney!
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    ed brack · 06/22/2013
    have used this product on my new driveway and my stamped concrete patio same results perfect.