SuperSeal-M 1 Gallon

Non-Gloss Water Based Sealer

SuperSeal Brick-M is a water based Silicone Water Repellent  made of a special hybrid of Silane and Siloxane. SuperSeal-M provides water repellency to porous construction material such as bricks, stone, concrete blocks,  mortar, and grout. It is not suitable for very low-porosity substrates such as polished stone. It will not leave a sheen or "wet" look.

The active ingredients in SuperSeal-M Water Repellent Sealer are a mixture of different-size particles, some larger, some smaller to fill different size voids. This ensures good penetration into porous substrates, resulting in good coverage and durable water repellency. Additionally, the active ingredients in SuperSeal-M Water Repellent can chemically react with the substrate, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Water Beads up fast on substrates treated with SuperSeal-M Water Repellent Sealer. The product's excellent water repellent and fast beading action are immediately apparent. What you will not see is any change in the substrates appearance.

This product offers significant advantages:
  • It can be applied to "Green" concrete once bleed water is gone.
  • Prevent Spalling from salt and freeze/thaw damage.
  • Fast beading action-excellent water repellency.
  • Non-SiH: Easy to store and handle.
  • Low VOC-Supports your regulatory compliance efforts.
  • Water Based-Easy to use and clean up.
  • Will not add a slippery film.

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Is the super seal M water submersible? Will it work on items like birdbaths that are submersed in water?
Wes , April 12, 2012
re: Is the super seal M water submersible
SuperSeal-m is not designed for bird baths or similar items.
ConcreteSealerStore , April 12, 2012
Will this work over a concrete patio with a design that has been painted to look like bricks?
M Edwards , October 22, 2015
You cannot apply this over a painted surface.
ConcreteSealerStore , October 23, 2015
How long does it last?
I am planning to use this on a dining room table. Will it need to be revealed, and, if so, how often? We don't want to have to force guests to use coasters at dinner.
Jenny , February 07, 2016
About 5 years. This is not a top coat sealer and is not designed for a concrete table but exterior concrete. You may still get some water rings. None of our products are designed for a concrete table.
ConcreteSealerStore , February 07, 2016

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