SuperSeal25 Semi-Gloss 5 Gallon


SuperSeal25 can be used for Stamped Concrete, Stamped Cement, Decorative Cement, Bricks, Acid Stained Cement, Concrete Stains, and Exposed Aggregate. SuperSeal enhances the natural color of your Concrete Brick Pavers and Cement with a "wet" look.

SuperSeal25 can be sprayed on with the Chapin 1949 Concrete Sprayer or applied with a 1/2" roller cover. You cannot use a plastic "inexpensive" sprayer. SuperSeal25 will help sand erosion reducing the amount of weeds.

One coat is recommended. Coverage is about 100 feet per gallon or 500 feet per five gallon. One coat will result in a satin/semi-gloss sheen depending on porosity of brick. Extra coats will result in a higher gloss.

This Product is not VOC Compliant in Every State

Click here for a VOC Compliant Product.

Super Seal 25 is not suggested for Clay Pavers.

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Hi, what is the life for this product? I have about 1500 sq-ft of concrete paver and like to seal it and have wet look. Is this the right product and how much do I need?

Hassan , January 11, 2012
Re: Hi, what is the life for this product?
Typically lasts about 2 years on brick pavers. Yes it will create a wet look and is the correct product. You would need 3 pails for 1500 square feet.
opwdecks , January 11, 2012
Information on the Super Seal 25
Hi, I would like to apply a sealer to my colored brick pavers and travetine pavers around the pool. It has a current coat clear semi-gloss and solvent based that the pool installer used with an air compressor. I was not a big fan of the air compressor method of application and would like to save some $$$ and use a roller instead....the air application left spider web strings all over. Please let me know if this works. Thanks. Ray
Ray Hooper , January 16, 2012
re: Information on the Super Seal 25
This will work for your scenario as the SuperSeal25 is a solvent based sealer and can be easily applied with a roller.
opwdecks , January 16, 2012
Superseal matte
Is the Superseal matte finish the same product of the Super seal 25 without the shine? What do you use to clean the rollers after use?
Ray Hooper , January 16, 2012
re: Superseal matte
The SuperSeal Matte is the same as the SuperSeal25 but with an additive to lower the shine to a satin. It does not remove the shine completely.

Throw the rollers away would be best. Not worth it to save them. Lacquer thinner can be used if needed.
opwdecks , January 16, 2012
super seal 25
is this product breathable and can it be applied over sb -600 that was applied 3 years ago and has lost all its shine
joe az , June 04, 2012
re: super seal 25
It is a breathable sealer. It should be okay to apply over 3 year old SB-600
ConcreteSealerStore , June 05, 2012
Heavy Duty Concrete Seal (Heat Resistant)
Question: Can the Super Seal 25 be used to seal the material below? Would like to use on my driveway.

Restore Deck / Concrete Liquid Armor Resurfacer 4 Gal. Water Based Exterior Coating

This product is sold at Home Depot and Lowes.

Thank you in advance.
Will , June 06, 2012
re: Heavy Duty Concrete Seal (Heat Resistant)
No it cannot.
ConcreteSealerStore , June 06, 2012
is the wet look more slippery than a matte or one that does not change the appearance at all. I'm afraid that even in the slightest mist people will slip since my pavers are laid on a slope in the driveway and path.
albert , July 02, 2012
re: vp
Anything that leaves a shine or darkens the color can be slightly slippery. No change in appearance will not be slippery.
ConcreteSealerStore , July 03, 2012
Sealing Acrylic Coatings
Is SuperSeal 25 a good choice for sealing textured acrylic coatings on top of concrete (i.e., a pool deck)? Does it offer good UV protection?

Thank you!
JMM , July 04, 2012
Application Temp
At what temperature range should the product be applied?
JohnK , September 26, 2012
re: At what temperature range should the product be applied?
Between 45-90 degrees is best
ConcreteSealerStore , September 27, 2012
is super seal 25 safe for use in a concrete fish pool?
Bonnie , March 28, 2013
re: is super seal 25 safe for use in a concrete fish pool?
No it is to be used in a pool.
ConcreteSealerStore , March 28, 2013
I purchased this and I am extremely happy with it. I scored my acid stained floor to look like tile and want to grout it. Can I use a sanded tile grout in between coats? If so,how long do I have to wait to seal the grout after I finish grouting overnight OK?
John L , June 07, 2013
I do not think the grout will work if you already have a coat of sealer down. Have you done a test spot? I would think 1 day would be enough.
ConcreteSealerStore , June 08, 2013
Hi have a 100ft aggregate driveway. Which product would last the longest and look good

Thank you for your help
Linda , June 26, 2013
re: aggregate driveway
Linda, I would look at the SuperSeal30 or SuperSeal25.
ConcreteSealerStore , June 27, 2013
Bullnose pavers around pool
Can/should superseal be applied to bullnose pavers surrounding a pool? If so, should I use a paintbrush to avoid getting any in the pool water?
Jax , August 07, 2013
re: Bullnose pavers around pool
It can be but there is no need unless you want it to look richer. Do not get in water if at all possible.
ConcreteSealerStore , August 07, 2013
can the superseal 25 be tinted. If so will it peel after time?
Leanne Lamm , August 16, 2013
what is the shelve life of super seal 25 once a 5 gal can is opened?
george , September 08, 2013
About 6-12 months on the shelf life.
ConcreteSealerStore , September 09, 2013
Compliant for Mass?
Is this product compliant for Massachusetts or do I have to go with SuperSeal VOC?
Hedgehog , September 19, 2013
SuperSeal VOC
ConcreteSealerStore , September 19, 2013
Weather and Driving Conditions
I'm in a brand new subdivision, and looking to start my business. I first want to use your product on my own driveway.
However I have read so much I'm lost. Can you tell me if the Super Seal 25 is the best product for new brick driveways and pool decks? Does it yellow or peel up? Is it breathable? When applying, how long does it take to dry? Concerned about rain in South West Florida, and how long do you have to wait to drive on it after application. Thank you for your support!
Ed , October 11, 2013
re: Weather and Driving Conditions
It does not yellow or peel.

It is a breathable sealer.

Dries in 2-4 hours. Drive on after 24 hours.
ConcreteSealerStore , October 14, 2013
What is the reason for not being able to use an inexpensive plastic sprayer. Thanks
Marty , June 17, 2014
re: What is the reason for not being able to use an inexpensive plastic sprayer. Thanks
It is too thick and the solvent will ruin the seals.
ConcreteSealerStore , June 18, 2014
Would this be a good product to use on the landscape curbing recently installed? What is used to clean the sprayer when finished to prevent damage?
Fredamanion , June 24, 2014
You can use this on curbing. Clean with lacquer thinner.
ConcreteSealerStore , June 24, 2014
How long does it take to ship this product?
Cyndi , August 16, 2014
re: How long does it take to ship this product?
Where do you live?
ConcreteSealerStore , August 17, 2014
home owner
Hi, Will superseal25 work on a basic concrete drive way?
carl , August 21, 2014
It is not designed for basic poured concrete. It will look blotchy.
ConcreteSealerStore , August 22, 2014
Do you sell a semi gloss solvent based sealer for basic concrete driveways.
carl , August 22, 2014
carl, semi-gloss sealers will not dry evenly on plain poured concrete.
ConcreteSealerStore , August 24, 2014
SuperSeal 25 to Super Seal Matte.
I applied superseal25 this past spring and it looks like I need a second coat. My wife really wants the Matte finish. Can I apply Superseal matte now (fall)? Or do I have to wait for superseal 25 to wear off or strip it? Thanks!!
Eric , October 04, 2014
re: SuperSeal 25 to Super Seal Matte.
You can apply the Matte over the 25 without stripping. It will still have some shine.
ConcreteSealerStore , October 06, 2014
Sealer for Painted Driveway
I live in Florida. My broom swept concrete driveway was painted with solvent based acrylic paint and sealer 4 years ago. Its time to reseal. What do you recommend?
Richard , October 27, 2014
re: Sealer for Painted Driveway
This should work as long as the paint was a solvent based acrylic.
ConcreteSealerStore , October 27, 2014
Breathable Sealers
How long after pressure washing can I apply SuperSeal 25. I live in central Florida and have used Xylene based sealers just always have to wait for that perfect time to apply. Thanks
Tim Long , December 29, 2014
The SuperSeal25 is a breathable sealer and can be applied within a day or two of pressure washing.
ConcreteSealerStore , December 30, 2014
Stamped Concrete
I have Stamp Concrete around my Pool and would like to use the Sealer 25 Semigloss wold you recommend that product along with your suggested Sprayer?
wrampevo , February 27, 2015
After applied.Sealer how do I have to clean the Sprayer
wrampevo , February 27, 2015
When doing Stamped Concrete you should roll the sealer on, especially around a pool.
ConcreteSealerStore , February 28, 2015
Hi, I had applied 3 years ago sealer (oil base), can I use this one over it? what steps should I follow? how long does it last?
mazin , March 26, 2015
Without knowing the exact chemical make up, it is hard to say yes or no. The SS25 usually needs to be reapplied every two years.
ConcreteSealerStore , March 27, 2015
Do you ship Superseal 30 or 25 to Windsor Ontario Canada? I'm not sure if it legal here.
Carl Montcalm , May 03, 2015
California Use
Can your products be used /shipped to California? Thanks.
Ron , May 05, 2015
Super Seal 25
Can Super Seal 25 be applied over Super Seal 30 on stamped concrete or what do you recommend. Also can this be used on a pool deck around a salt water pool.

Many Thanks
Gene Sprouse , May 29, 2015
superseal 25 and xylene
concrete guy told me to buy superseal 25 and xylene reducer if i wanted to seal my own walkway in the future. what is the xylene used for? he mentioned xylene reducer, for what reason? and if there is a ratio of mixture what is it?
bonita , June 15, 2015
You should not reduce the SS25 with xylene. Use as is.
ConcreteSealerStore , June 17, 2015
Home Owner
I live in Naples Florida and had my driveway coated with a water base sealer. Can I use the SuperSeal 30 or 25, after powerwashing.?
Bernie , August 12, 2015
Bernie, not you should not apply this over a newly sealed surface. It could "repel" the SuperSeal.
ConcreteSealerStore , August 13, 2015
SuperSeal 25 Question
I have a 100 year old Oak Tree in my back yard. I also have a lot of concrete. The Oak tree is constantly dropping something on my concrete. Will SuperSeal 25 seal out any stains caused by the droppings of my tree. Also dogs paw prints from dirt that they may carry onto it as well? My concrete seems to be easily stained. I have to use a pressure washer constantly as a wash down of a hose does not get the job done.

Please Advise.

Julie , October 13, 2015
The SS25 is for decorative concrete such as pavers, stamped concrete, etc. Do you have this type or plain poured concrete?
ConcreteSealerStore , October 13, 2015
stamped concrete pool deck
I live in Utah and have a stamped concrete pool deck that has not been sealed for 2-3 years. It is faded and needs resealing. I don't know what type of sealant was used the last time the deck was sealed. Can this sealant be used over whatever sealant is currently left on my deck? Should I add shark grip to reduce slipping?
Jon , March 30, 2016
Without knowing what the other brand was made of, it is impossible to say. Not all sealers are compatible with each other. In general it would work with most. We sell a Super Grip that can be added.
ConcreteSealerStore , March 30, 2016
Adding Super Grip
We just finished applying 2 coats of SuperSeal 25 and it looks like we're going to need to apply one more coat to some of the tiles (some were much more porous than others). I like the shiny look on the tiles but they are a bit slippery when wet. If we added the Super Grip, would that change the appearance of the tiles? Is it OK to apply the SuperSeal with added Super Grip over tiles that have just been sealed? Thanks!
Jodi , April 06, 2016
You can add the SuperGrip in the final coat. Should not change the appearance. Make it is evenly mixed into the sealer.
ConcreteSealerStore , April 06, 2016
Slip factor for driveways SS 25 or Matte
I am in Florida and I have a 2K foot paver driveway. I desire the wet look but concerned of creating a slippery surface others have experienced using Gloss and Semi gloss products around pools. I am considering the Matte but I have been told those familiar with your product, the SS25 is very close to the Matte and there has been no problems with slick surfaces on driveways using the SS25 and that is the most widely used product. Since I need (4) 5 gallon pails it saves me a little electing the 25 over the Matte. Do you believe the SS25 will best suit my needs or is there any concern with a driveway that have your recommend Matte.
Scott , May 17, 2016
Do you sell Super Seal-25 VT concrete sealer in 1 gal containers?
Charles Lyons , June 03, 2016
re: Do you sell Super Seal-25 VT concrete sealer in 1 gal containers?
No we do not.
ConcreteSealerStore , June 03, 2016
Community Associaton Manager
Hello, my property is in South East Florida and we want to clean and seal our brick paver walkway into the clubhouse. I would like it to brighten up the pavers and seal in the sand, but it is a 55+ community and I am concerned with it being slippery. Do I need to be concerned or can you recommend this sealer for a highly used walkway? Lastly, how long after applied can it be walked on?
Pamela Quinn , August 11, 2016
It is typically not slippery after full cure of about 2 weeks. It does dry within a couple of hours of application though. This product is a breakable sealer, hence why it is not 100% filming to create a slippery surface.

ConcreteSealerStore , August 12, 2016
Roller versus Sprayer
This will be my 3rd time sealing my six year old exposed aggregate driveway, walkways and steps with SuperSeal 25. The past 2 times I used an 18" roller and 4" paint brush. This process took 2 days to complete. My question...would the application be "less" backbreaking and quicker using a sprayer?
Bob from the Burg , August 29, 2016
You can spray with the Chapin 1949. It is fairly easy. Just make sure that you pump well to start and that you continue to pump while spraying.
ConcreteSealerStore , August 30, 2016
White Patches
Hi, I've recently sanded and sealed my pavers and the seal looks fantastic! However, in a couple of areas under where we've sealed there are white patches that look like dust. They've faded slightly, but in the month since we've sealed the driveway they still haven't gone away. Is this just water that was trapped under the seal? (There were some dirt spots I pressure washed away before sealing) or is this something else? Do I need to put more seal down to get rid of them? What are your suggestions? Thanks!
Madeline , April 24, 2017
Try Xylene solvent on a spot to see if that removes the white.
ConcreteSealerStore , April 24, 2017

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