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Why do you seal Brick Pavers? This is by far the most asked question that we receive regarding Brick Paver Patios, Driveways, Pool Areas, and Pathways.

The answer is:

  • Protection
  • Color Enhancement
  • Color Preservation
  • Joint Sand Loss.


Sealing your Brick Pavers will protect from spills and stains. While the sealer does not stop 100% penetration it will help "deep" penetration from oil spills, rust from water, dirt, grime, etc. making future cleanup easier!


Using a paver sealer will enhance the natural tones of your brick pavers with a "wet" look. This will darken the color similar to as if they were wet with water. The sealer will also add a shine to the pavers. The shine level is dependent on the porosity of the cement pavers but does come in a High Gloss, Semi-Gloss, and a Matte Finish.

Color Preservation

Sealing the brick pavers will protect the original color and appearance. If they are not sealed the pavers will dull and will look "pitted". This is a result of natural weathering and traffic.

Joint Sand Loss

Joint Sand loss from natural weathering, weeds, and insects is a common problem. Sealing your pavers can harden the sand and prevent this from occurring.