10 Easy Tips to Concrete Sealing

by scott paul

10 Easy Tips to Concrete Sealing

These tips can be used for all types of concrete, bricks, and masonry. Examples would be driveways, garage floors, brick chimneys, patios, block walls, etc.

1. Make sure you understand the different types of sealers that are available for concrete, bricks, and masonry surfaces. There are water-based and solvent-based sealers. Some will enhance the color while leaving a shine. Others will water repel the surface or internally seal.

2. Clean the concrete to remove dirt and grime with water. Pressure Washing would be the easiest. If you have stains, it is best to use a cleaner that is specific to the stain. Examples: Use a degreaser for oil spills, Use a rust remover for rust removal, etc.

3. After cleaning it is important to let the concrete dry before sealing. How long depends on the sealer being used. Typically 24 hours is adequate. Watch out for rain and sprinklers!

4. Prior to sealing it would be advisable to sweep or blow off the concrete with a leaf blower.

5. Apply the concrete sealer per manufacturer directions. Many can be sprayed on with a pump up sprayer. Some are too thick and will require the use of a roller.

6. Take precautions to not get the sealer on other surfaces or vegetation. You can cause discoloration or damage to your plants.

7. When spraying a vertical surface such as chimneys, it is very important to protect roof shingles and the house siding from overspray.

8. Do not apply too much. Following the manufacturer’s suggestions as to the number of coats needed as well to the proper square footage for the substrate, you are applying to. Apply evenly as well.

9. Make sure to let the concrete sealer dry thoroughly before foot traffic. Some sealers take longer to cure and they will need longer to dry before vehicles or heavy furniture can be used.

10. Concrete sealers should be reapplied every so often. When depends on the type of sealer used and the amount of traffic. On a horizontal surface concrete sealers typically last 18-36 months, sometimes longer. Vertical surfaces typically last twice as long as a horizontal surface.

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Erin Dinch
Erin Dinch
3 years ago

We have a colored concrete patio. The concrete is red brick colored (to match the house) and about 11 years old. We originally sealed it with a solvent sealer which worked wonderfully and enhanced the color with a true wet-look, but which is no longer available for purchase in PA. After 3 years, we pressure washed & sealed it with a sealer that was recommended by a local company. This sealer had a little haze to it and bubbled on the fronts of the stairs where the old sealer was not completely worn away. Again it lasted about 3 years, then we pressure washed, being sure to get as much as possible off the fronts of the stairs and sealed the patio again. The sealer we used worked better and did not bubble, but still did not enhance the color as well as the original sealer and was extremely slippery. We have not sealed the patio in 5 years. The sealer is almost completely worn away and I’m sure what is left will be gone when we pressure wash. What sealer do you recommend to give a color-restoring wet-look without a haze. Also something non-slippery or with an available add-in for traction would be great. Thank you!

11 years ago

In your case it would be best to start over and remove the uneven sealer. By applying more sealer may compound the problem.

What type of sealer did he use? Was it a “shiny” acrylic sealer?

Peggy  McCarthey
Peggy McCarthey
11 years ago

I had a new, uncolored concrete driveway poured. Two days later the contractor pressured-washed and blew it until somewhat dry, then immediately applied a heavy coat of solvent-based sealer which puddled in the joints. It rained about 5 hours later, and the sealer that was puddled in the joints ran out in streams. Now the driveway looks unevenly stained and a mess. Some of the sealant ran down the drain pipes and out into the back woods behind our house. Will we have to strip and reseal? Thanks.

Bill Marusko
Bill Marusko
12 years ago

I have sealed my stamped sidewalk every eyar for the past 7 years. Iused a good sealer that can only be purchased in West Virgina, I live in Pa. I mix it with a small can of walnut stain to give it a dark look. Can I do the same thing iwth yours? And will I still have to do it every year? Thanks Bill marusko

Alan Bell
Alan Bell
13 years ago

That is a great article.

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