The Benefits of Concrete Sealers

by scott paul

Benefits of Concrete Sealers

Concrete is widely used today for many different applications. Around the home, concrete is poured for everything from driveways and sidewalks to porches and patios. It can increase the value of your home as long as it is maintained and kept in good condition. To help protect and preserves concrete surfaces around the home it should be sealed. Sealing concrete with a good concrete sealer will provide years of protection and ensure and long life span.

A concrete sealer will protect the surface from many spills and stains. Although it won’t stop 100% penetration, it will stop deep penetration from water rust, dirt, grime, oil spills and so on making clean up in the future much easier.

Quality concrete sealers will also lock out moisture which is especially important in cold climates. As water is able to penetrate concrete it can freeze and cause expensive damage. Sealing the concrete will stop moisture and water from penetrating the surface. A good concrete sealer will also protect the surface from winter salts which can cause erosion and pitting.

Some concrete sealers can actually enhance the look of the concrete if that is what you are looking for. Though concrete coatings are available in a matte finish that will not alter the look of the concrete, there are also sealers that will give a “wet” finish to the surface bringing out the natural tones.

Colored concrete is becoming increasingly popular but can fade over time from weather and excessive traffic. Sealing the concrete will help protect the original color and keep the concrete surface from becoming dull and faded.

Sealing all your concrete surfaces with a quality concrete sealer is definitely one of the best ways to protect your investment and maintain your home’s value. It’s a great way to enhance and preserve your concrete for many years to come.

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3 years ago

What is the best sealer for a “wet look” stamped concrete pool deck in Illinois?

3 years ago
Reply to 

Is it solvent or acrylic based? Do I need to add sand to make it less slippery?

3 years ago
Reply to  Amy

Acrylic solvent-based. You can add grip if you want but must do not.

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